Roses, The Magnificent Survivors in the Garden

Miss Asa Jane at her christening on my terrace By late May, in my new home on a bluff back in Laurelhurst, I have been treated to the most amazing display of roses. Yes, I moved, and yes, my daughter had her precious baby girl that made me a Gigi and has kept me absent from these… [Continue Reading]

Miss Asa Jane at her christening on my terrace

The Last of the Garden….Fall Floral Arrangements and Garden Rescue

Oh my goodness! A monsoon weekend to end our glorious summer and I had to duck out to save all the last of the flowers knocked down by all that nasty rain. I wanted to fill the house with the bounty of Fall but a little scavenger hunt on the trail to gather some more… [Continue Reading]


A Tale of Two Fishies….Summer Tomato Smothered Salmon and Cilantro Serrano Salmon

The waning gorgeous days of Summer and the bounty in the garden is ripening faster than I can use it up. Northwest gardeners know that the smaller varieties of tomatoes ripen best here but once they start ripening they all go at once and all of a sudden you have tons of little tomato gems…. [Continue Reading]


Divine Beets….Peggy Grows a Garden and Learns to Cook

Beets – you either love them or loath them. Two significant men in my life, my father and #2, were not beet lovers surprising because they pretty much ate anything but beets. I think those in the non- beet category seem to be male. I have always adored beets – that deep ruby jewel of… [Continue Reading]

Beet jewels fresh from Peggy's garden

Lilies…The Empressess of the Garden

How can you not adore lilies? They are the statuesque empresses of the garden with intoxicating fragrance and are surprisingly very low maintenance. They make very fine cut flowers lasting a very long time filling the house with amazing fragrance. And they can grow and mutiply to quite large stands towering over their other companions… [Continue Reading]

simple and elegant all by themselves

Sun Valley…Golf in Sequins, Irene’s Lava Lake Lamb, and A Ride to The Top

Our Gal Val and Janet had rented a fabulous house in Sun Valley for a little mountain summer fun and insisted I join them… they had to work really hard – naught! I hopped on the direct flight right into Hailey and was there in time for lunch, yeh! What a joy to fly in… [Continue Reading]

White Cloud golf course

Asa’s Baby Shower…Inspiration With The Letter A

Ilaria’s first baby shower was hosted by Ben’s Vashon Island childhood friend Caitlin in another Vashon Island friend Mareth’s home and ably assisted by Tera and Jessica, wives of Ben’s also longtime island buddies. I knew we were in for a treat when we were greeted at the door with a wreath studded with darling… [Continue Reading]

Caitlin,Mareth, Ilaria,Jessica,and Tera the baby shower dream team

Opa! Greek Potato Salad….Diet Potato Salad for Real!

I love potatoes! They are my starch/carb of choice, possibly because we were potato deprived as children. My mother grew up in the Phillipeans and there was always rice at every meal so we had pot roast with rice, meatloaf with rice, always something with rice, but I love potatoes. And I am always in… [Continue Reading]